Access 4 All Spokane Rocked Bloomsday Trade Show!

The above photo shows seven smiling people gathered in front of our “Access 4 All Spokane” banner and table display at the Bloomsday Trade Show: (clockwise from the left) Dave Reynolds, Allene Osborn, Larry Gorton, Deb Wolfer, Jude Cormier, Liam Osborn and Cheyenne Osborn. Behind the camera is Steve Osborn.

A4A’s Accessibility Ambassador team rocked the Bloomsday Trade Show last Friday and Saturday.

We met lots of terrific people from all over the continent and added more than 55 new contacts to our A4A email list!

Our youngest Accessibility Ambassadors, Cheyenne and Liam Osborn, spent time networking and educating people about our mission. Saturday morning, they signed up 25 people for our email list. They also connected with people in other places that want to make their communities more accessible and disability friendly. 

As a result of one connection made at the event, Larry and I will be doing a presentation about A4A for the Engineers Forum of Spokane’s annual meeting, coming up May 22. 

Great job team!

Thanks go to the awesome people at the Lilac Bloomsday Association.

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