Open letter to Inland Northwest businesses about snow removal

We are asking for your help this season to make our area safer and more welcoming for tens of thousands of your neighbors, visitors and customers that have disabilities.

Our message: Please pay extra attention to making sure parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities are fully cleared of snow and ice.

You’d be surprised how many parking lots in previous winters actually had snow piled onto those blue or white wheelchair symbols and access stripes! Some had dangerous patches of ice in those spaces and on the sidewalks and walkways going into the buildings.

Chances are you and your employees have worked hard to keep snow and ice out of those (formerly known as “handicapped”) accessible spaces and walkways.

If you have been doing that, thank you so much.

Access 4 All Spokane is a team of local leaders that work together to celebrate and encourage accessibility and disability friendliness for people with all sorts of disabilities and ages. We want you to know we do pay attention and we appreciate your thoughtfulness and efforts regarding this important safety issue.


Access 4 All Spokane

image shows a standard "reserved parking" sign with the international wheelchair symbol surrounded by snow that is piled high enough to partially block the sign
pile of snow partially covering a sidewalk, accessible parking space, and part of the sign

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