Ground rules for A4A meetings

Access 4 All Spokane

In February 2013, Access 4 All members adopted the following  set of ground rules for how we would communicate, hold meetings and get work done:


We want our meetings to be a safe environment for all to express themselves and be heard. Therefore, we will respect the opinions and experiences of others by actively listening without judgment, asking that only one person share at a time and that others refrain from side conversations. So that all present know who is speaking, please first identify yourself by name, if the facilitator has not done so.

We agree to:

1)    Make official decisions as a group process, with a preference toward consensus;

2)    Value each other’s experiences, perspectives, and own choice of language;

3)    Be courteous and gentle with each other when mistakes are made;

4)    Speak for ourselves and from our own experiences;

5)    Respect time constraints by coming prepared, staying on subject, using a time keeper, and using technology when feasible;

6)    Keep everyone informed by distributing information to all — including those who are not present — in the formats they need in order to contribute as fully as possible;

7)    Let others know what you need in order to fully participate in the meetings and process;

8)    When asked to keep a confidence, always do so;

9)    When differences arise, search for common ground that will move us toward our group’s goals.

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