Elections conference, and 11-year-old accessibility guru

On Friday, June 17, Alisa Alonge, Dave Reynolds and Deborah (Jenkins) Wolfer, did a presentation on the importance of accessible voting and polling places for about 120 people attending the Washington Association of County Auditors’ annual State Elections Conference.

We also explained about the state’s Accessible Communities Act, and how county auditors can take the lead on developing Accessible Communities Advisory Committees. These ACACs are made up of people with various disabilities that advise county and city governments, planners, and educate the community on how to make the world more accessible and welcoming.

We also met inventor and CEO Alexander Knoll from Post Falls, Idaho (who just happens to sport the coolest hair — ever!) Alex is developing the Ability App. It’s a mobile tool for people to locate accessibility features. We were delighted to see that he has come up with some of the same ideas we have . . .  and he’s just 11 years old!!!

We talked briefly about finding ways we can partner with this amazingly talented entrepreneur.

More exciting news to come!

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